Our Professional Team

We believe in adding value with every conversation. Our advisory process is highly personalised and begins with a face-to-face conversation in order to acquire a deep understanding of your investment objectives and aspirations that are essential to developing long-term, trust-based relationships.

For over 15 years, our team has accumulated vital knowledge and experience in delivering investment solutions across global markets, the safekeeping of assets, growing wealth, currency & commodity trading, sophisticated offshore banking products and citizenship services.

With access to an unrivalled global network of strategic partners and specialist investment managers, you can expect an exceptional level of personal service, tailored investment solutions and advice across multiple asset classes.

In short, in these challenging political and economic times, HXL Partners has the depth of experience required to safely diversify and manage your wealth linking ongoing client relationships with proactive planning and advice over the long term.


Offshore Banking

protect assets from political uncertainty, economic risks, frivolous litigation and civil asset forfeiture (bankruptcy).

Offshore Company

Shifting tax burden, Protect Asset, Setting-up business globally

Offshore Metals

Diversifying your wealth and internationalising your savings.

Need Assistance with the options?

Our professional consultants can provide alternative solutions in regards to your situations.
  • How we can help you?

    Our head office based in Melbourne Australia. Contact our team by email or phone.

    Chinese speaking customer services is available.

  • How can I contact you?

    Our services team is contactable 24/7 for urgent matters. For general enquiry, please allow our team to respond during business hours.

  • What are the fees?

    Depends on the services and programs, the charges are varied for different circumstances. All fees are transparent and no hidden charges.

? HXL Offshore Banking

Living in a world with greater political and economic uncertainty is exposing your wealth unnecessarily to global risk. By diversifying your assets into different countries, your wealth is protected from various economic, political and legal risks and thereby always having access to your funds.

? HXL Offshore Company

Setting up an offshore company is a legal, effective way to protect your assets and income from increasing taxes from your home government, economic instability, political unrest, frivolous lawsuits, ex-business partners, even crazy family members. Whatever the reason is, having an offshore company is the second-pillar of the HXL Asset Protection Program designed to protect your wealth.

? HXL Offshore Metals

The main reason to accumulate precious metals as a savings instrument is to mitigate sovereign risk?the risk that governments and central banks will decrease the value of your assets by either devaluing the currency or by continuing to run huge deficits and continuing to borrow more money.