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HXL Partners offers advice in citizenship planning, citizenship by investment programs and residence planning. We work with high-net worth clients, families, as well as advisors to recommend the best options and programs to give more privacy, security, financial autonomy and freedom of movement.

With a rise in economic and political instability around the world, alternative citizenships and residency programs gives people threatened by political, religious or ethnic persecution independence and freedom. Our experienced advisors will work closely with you in analysing your current situation and produce a set of options best suited to acquire either residency or citizenship in order to obtain peace-of-mind and quality of life.

The major difference between the two programs is that “Citizenship-by-investment” programs offers a direct route to receive a second citizenship and passport to investors within few months to a year while ?Residency Programs? is an indirect route to naturalisation offered to investors after a certain number of years residing in the country. The latter process involves a residence permit converted to PR then the PR later converted to citizenship.

HXL Partners has the experience and expertise to offer you real options with a sound legal basis in citizenship planning and citizenship by investment programs. When you become a client with us, you will receive integrated solutions from our global team of specialists that will carefully analyse the specific details of your unique case, present available options and implement a plan quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

HXL Partners recommend only a few programs that lead to either obtaining a second citizenship and passport or residency. For second passports, we recommend programs from Antigua & Barbuda, Austria, Bulgaria, Dominica, Grenada, Malta, St. Kitts & Nevis, and St. Lucia. For residency, we recommend, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Hungary, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

HXL Partners have helped many wealthy individuals and families from China, Russia and Arabian countries obtain alternative citizenship as they recognise the value of having it for asset protection, privacy and peace-of-mind.

Don?t wait until the situation in your home country turns bad and something wrong happens to you or your family either personally or financially. It will be too late. Contact HXL Partners today for a private and confidential discussion.

Lifetime solution to protect your wealth and improve the security of your family

Immediate visa-free access to over 140 countries allowing frequent travel

Acquire permanent citizenship and passport (provided you do not have a criminal record)

Protected by citizenship law of the country you apply

Acquire permanent citizenship and passport (provided you do not have a criminal record)

Protected by citizenship law of the country you applAbility to open bank accounts, establish companies and purchase assets
Overall better quality of life, improved lifestyle and greater freedom of movement with no capital restrictions

?Every mountain top is within reach

second citizenships not only opens up global business opportunities, but also looks after your family?s future.

– Rodney Stratton
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I've got my passport through HXL Partners. It's not only helping me travel without boundaries but also get my businesses set up oversea easily. Thanks heaps HXL teams!
– Aman Sharma
Looking after family's future.

Thanks HXL Partners assisted me and my family getting our passport in a short time. The teams are very helpful and friendly.
– Daniel Lee
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I am glad I choose HXL Partners to help me and my family get the second passport. They explained every single detail to us so we can choose smartly. The most important thing is we got our passport in within 3 months. Thank you HXL team.