To be able to obtain more than one passport is a huge benefit for people who love to travel. However, nowadays obtaining multiple passports not only for convenience purpose but also become a symbol of super rich.

If the passport authorization country has free multi-national visa benefits, that will be business men?s favorite. Passport holders do not have to wait for a lengthy process of visa application but get in and out of the visa-free country anytime you want.

In 2017, a report by Arton Capital pointed out that the most visa-free country?s passport this year is Singapore.

This means that the passport holder of the can now easily access 159 countries, whether it is visa-free or a visa-granted on arrival.

Germany comes in second, followed by Sweden and South Korea.

Britain scored 156 points, while the United States was 154 points.

According to Arton Capital, this is the first time that Asian countries have the world’s most visa-free countries.

At the same time, the world’s least mobile passport is Afghanistan, scoring 22 points, followed by Pakistan and Iraq.


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