Depending where you live, that cup of coffee could be costing you a small fortune. Based on recent data, drinking a cup of java in the Middle East can set you back US$6.00. Denmark (Copenhagen) is home to the Europe?s most expensive coffee (excluding coffee at Venice?s ?rip-off central? St. Mark?s Square. China?s two largest cities, Shanghai and Beijing, is where you can find Asia?s most expensive coffee followed by Seoul.
Italy is known for its coffee. You can find Europe?s cheapest long black in Rome and Milan for around US$1. The cheapest capital cities in the world for a long black can be found in Lagos and Lisbon.

The price of a long black from the world?s top three coffee-exporting countries, Brazil (Sao Paulo), Vietnam (Hanoi) and Colombia (Bogota), will cost between US$1.50 to US$1.60. The price jumps to US$4.10 per cup in Indonesia (Jakarta); the world?s fourth biggest exporter.
Half the cities in the top 20 are located in Europe while coffee purchased in the Balkans and Mediterranean areas occupy the bottom-half of the list. Finally, coffee purchased in North America is generally cheaper than Australia and New Zealand.

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